Quicksilver Running Club

Running with mountain lions since 1983

Rules & Etiquitte

  • Race numbers must be worn on the front so they are visible to checkpoint personnel.
  • Race numbers cannot be transferred to another runner.
  • Crew Access is available. Please follow crew instructions and rules. There is limited access to the course and observers are welcome to run or hike into aid stations.
  • No aid may be given 100 feet outside of aid stations except in Hacienda Pkg lot where your car may be.
  • Runners may not stash food or beverage on course outside 100 feet of the aid stations.
  • Runners in the 100k may have pacers from Hacienda, Mockingbird, and McAbee only. Runners in 50K can have a pacer at McAbee after 2:59pm.
  • Trekking poles are only allowed in Sierra Azul section of course. Therefore, you may wish to put them with a drop bag for Mt El Sombroso trails like Priest Rock or Wood Road Trail. They are not allowed in the 50K.
  • Follow course markings. Cutting the course is not allowed and you will be disqualified and reported to the USATF and banned from any future Quicksilver and USATF sanctioned events.
  • Littering is ILLEGAL on or off trails. Please keep your trash with you until you reach the next aid station. Failure to do so will lead to your bib being pulled and disqualified.
  • 100K runners are required to have a light source at the beginning of the event. For those of you who make get to McAbee after 5pm, you will be required to have a light source with them when they leave.
  • Please be courteous of hikers, bikers, horses, and other park goers. While we have a permit for the event, we share the trails with everyone else and it’s important to adhere to this.
  • Sudden movement and speed of oncoming runners may spook horses. This may cause harm to the rider. Runners should never pass a horse from behind without first notifying the rider. If need be please step aside or even off the trail to allow for oncoming horses.
  • Over 100 volunteers have volunteered numerous hours to make sure you have a wonderful experience. Please show you gratitude when you are able by simply smiling and thanking them when you can.
  • Any 100K runners leaving the last cut-off by 7:00pm will have three hours to go 10 miles in order to get under the 17-hour time limit.

Quicksilver Running Club of San Jose is a 501(c) (4) nonĀ­profit tax exempt organization

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