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QRC Racing Teams

The Quicksilver Running Club thrives on competition against nature, other runners, and ourselves while meeting others in the running community locally and nationally.   Racing is one way to continually improve one's running.  However, being in a race team brings more than faster times.  It is also the camaraderie and support between race team members that is unquestionable - fun and supportive, irrespective of ability.   Race teams are open to all, given some basic requirements and expectations.


The foundation of our club has been trail sunning, and several years ago our QRC Ultra Running Team was formed to focus on the Ultra Grand Prix Series that is sponsored by the Pacific Association of USA Track and Field (PA/USATF).  The races range in length from 28.4 miles to 100 miles, with the majority of the runs being either 50 kilometers or 50 miles. The QRC Ultra Running team has won numerous individual, team, and overall awards over the last four years.  

For further information can be found on the QRC Ultra Running Team page


An objective of the QRC Running Club is to reach out beyond our club into our community, focusing on healthy kids, and as such the the club established a Youth Running Team in 2014.  The Youth Running Team provides an opportunity youths from the age 6 to 18 to run with other youth for recreation, exercise and, if interested, for competition in PA/USATF events.   

For further information can be found on the QRC Youth Running Team page. 

Quicksilver Running Club of San Jose is a 501(c) (4) nonĀ­profit tax exempt organization

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