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Report a Trail Issue

The Quicksilver Running Club helps Santa Clara County Park ensure trail safety in the Almaden Quicksilver County Park. Please help us by reporting trail issues such as downed trees, mud slides, bridge damage, or other safety hazards. We will fix those issues or notify park rangers when a chain saw or other equipment is required.

Email our Trail Liaison Jim Yates if your issue is not listed in the issues already reported below. Thanks!

Note: for mountain lion sighting, please email directly the Almaden Quicksilver/Calero park ranger who will also notify the California Department of Fish and Wildlife.

How to describe an issue:
Provide a short description of the issue with approximate location and a picture if possible. For downed trees, it helps if we get the following:

  1. Describe the tree affecting the trail (trunk, crown, multi-trunk, elevated, root-ball, ruptured trail tread)

  2. Type/species of tree also helps to judge hardness of the wood…also specify if it's dead or green wood.

  3. If you cannot take a picture also give the approximate diameter of the wood laying across the trail tread and immediate edges (on a road width trail we call this the flail edge as the mower, called a flail, would cut this and the park needs to keep wood out of that zone).

Outstanding issues:

Issue Location   Description  Photo
Down tree reported 4/3/21 On New Almaden Trail, 0.3M south of the Prospect #3 intersection. Elevated down tree ~12" in diameter

Resolved issues:

Issue Location   Description  Photo
Downed tree (reported 7/29/20)Deep Gulch trail, 0.3M south of the English Camp intersection~10" in diameter downed tree with crown material across the trail 
Downed tree (reported 4/20/20) 0.4 M south of the Prospect #3 intersection on New Almaden Trail2 elevated downed tress ~12" in diameter each reducing clearance to 5' 
Downed tree (reported 4/20/20)  0.5 M south of the Mine Hill Rd intersection on New Almaden Trail  Downed tree ~12" in diameter blocking the trail   
Downed tree (reported March 2020, ranger decided to leave the tree as is) 0.1 M north of the Prospect #3 intersection on New Almaden Trail Crown material on trail, hikers have created a trail around it.
Downed tree (tree removed by the ranger April 2020) 0.6 M north of the Prospect #3 intersection on New Almaden Trail Tree trunk partially blocking the trail (15" diameter)

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