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Quicksilver Trail Challenge

Virtual Quicksilver Trail Challenge 

Prize Raffle

We had a total of 50 runners, scoring a total of 460 tickets. The highest number of tickets by any runner was 39. The lowest numbers was 1, by several people. Ticket numbers were assigned sequentially (just like a roll of raffle tickets) and alphabetically. The ticket draw was done virtually (fitting for a virtual race!) using the Google Sheets random number generator. Runners were limited to one prize if they had more than one ticket drawn. 

Having said all that, we have a total of 16 GRAND PRIZE WINNERS who each win a $25 gift card for the Sports Basement.


1 Ginger Manley 9 Felicia Napoli
2 Amy Burton 10 Craig Lemas
3 Christine Noordam 11 Vilma Varvaro
4 Sylvie Abel 12

Zenelia Quintero

5 Shannon Thibert 13 Teresa Codemo
6 Steve Patt 14

Matthew Eisenman

7 Desta Krong 15 Hideyuki Suzuki
8 Pierre Couteau 16

Harrison Blackwood


Congratulations! I will email each of you with your digital gift cards.

We also drew an additional 10 raffle tickets. These NOT-QUITE-AS-GRAND PRIZE WINNERS will each receive his or her choice of special items from the Quicksilver Running Club swag and supply closet


17 Marc Klemencic 22

Jennifer Brackett

18 Bruce Leong 23 Thomas Braun
19 Loren Lewis 24 Wendy Tomer
20 Dallin Barlow 25 Pat Patterson
21 Paul King 26

Nicole Masjedizadeh

Congratulations! I will email each of you with further instructions for picking your prize.

Thanks again everyone! We hope to see you at future Quicksilver Running Club races!

How to Earn Raffle Tickets

Complete a 1/2M course: 2 tickets per day

Complete a 10k course: 1 ticket per day

Complete a 1/2M and 10k course in the same day: 3 tickets per day

Fastest times (overall): 1st, 2nd, 3rd place: 6,4,2 tickets

Fastest times (gender and age groups by 10 years):  1st, 2nd, 3rd place: 3,2,1 tickets

Most 10k course completions: 1st, 2nd, 3rd place: 3,2,1 tickets

Most 1/2M course completions: 1st, 2nd, 3rd place: 6,4,2 tickets

QRC member: 2 tickets

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