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Quicksilver Running Club Youth Program


Since 2014 the Quicksilver Running Club (QRC) of San Jose has had a youth running program for ages 8 to 18 to provide a safe and enjoyable way for local youth to run and train together.

In addition to the health and training benefits of participating in a running program, there are other advantages of the QRC youth program:
  • Our affiliation with Pacific Association of USATF helps assure the youth are in a safe environment;
  • all volunteer coaches are runners with years of experience and are certified and/or registered as coaches with PAUSATF;
  • runners can compete at all sanctioned USATF meets and are eligible to qualify for regional and national championship events; 
  • and the youth have chance to share in the passion of running and, if interested, compete as part of a team. 


All coaches are USATF Register and 4 of them are USATF Level 1 Certified.  The coaches are:

  • Head Coach - Laura Braun
  • Co-Head Coach - Jeff Eisenman
  • Co-Head Coach - Marc Klemencic
  • Asst. Coach - Sylvie Abel
  • Head Coach Summit Chapter - Beau Van Zante

Youth Program Philosophy

  • Share our passion and knowledge of running and promote the lifelong enjoyment of the sport,
  • Provide a safe environment for running where athletes are aware of their responsibilities to ensure safety,
  • Expose each team member to the challenge of training and competing as both an individual and as a team,
  • Empower athletes to be responsible for their behavior, performance, and decisions,
  • Encourage sportsmanship within the team and with fellow competitors,
  • Help each individual set goals and work with them to improve their conditioning, and 
  • Support and encourage each individual athlete’s competitive drive and encourage fun.   


The team typically practices all year averaging about 3 days a week and last from 1 to 1.5 hours.  We gear practices towards runners of all levels, ages and conditioning and we generally hold them on local trails.  Practices are planned to develop speed, strength, endurance, flexibility and coordination in a safe and fun team atmosphere in locations where they can experience the natural beauty of our parks and trails.  


San Jose:

  • Please contact Coach Laura at braunla99@yahoo.com for the current practice schedule.  
  • For more information (incl. times) you can contact one of the coaches - coachmarck@gmail.com, braunla99@yahoo.com, jdeisenm@gmail.com

Los Gatos (Summit Chapter)

  • We're now offering an additional location In Los Gatos with coach Beau Van Zante. We meet every Monday and Wednesday 4 to 5 pm. Practices are geared for youth ages 6 and up. Come check it out!
  • Location: Right side of Gym 23800 Summit Rd, Los Gatos, CA 95033
  • Contact: beau.van.zante@gmail.com 805-720-2864

How to join

  • The minimum cost to join for the year is as low as $10/year.  
  • QRC membership is $10 for youth ($40 for a family) and we strongly encourage and appreciate if members join PAUSATF (join online at http://www.pausatf.org) for $20. 
  • The PAUSATF number for QRC is 284.  If you don’t join PAUSATF, you will not be able to compete with the team at USATF meets and you will not be covered by PAUSATF insurance.
  • Finally, you need to print out the QRC Youth Race Team Information Form (QRC Youth Information Form.pdf) and bring a completed form to the coach at your first practice.  
  • The only other cost is an optional team jersey, generally $15.

Quicksilver Running Club of San Jose is a 501(c) (4) nonĀ­profit tax exempt organization

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