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Board Members for 2020

Stuart Taylor


I have been trail running since around 2004 and have been a staple of the Quicksilver Running Club since 2013. I joined the QRC as a member of the Ultra Running Team, and over the years expanded my duties to become Board Member at Large and then Director of Races. If you’ve been to one of our regular Sunday Morning Mockingbird Runs, the Summer BBQ, or the Quicksilver Trail Challenge, then you’ll probably recognize me and my wife, Ellen. For 2020 I will be acting as the club president and working on my much needed delegating skills, which I generally find more challenging than running hill repeats on the Virl Norton Trail!

Bob Callahan


I had been a casual runner most of my life but never more than a 10k. But a few years ago my son started running with Coach Marc and the Quicksilver kids and I started to learn about trail running and ultra marathons. With the exception of running what seemed to be impossibly long races, everyone seemed to be pretty normal so I took that as a good sign and I gave trail running a try. My first race was a half marathon in Quicksilver, then Skyline to the Sea marathon, and I finally crossed over to the dark side running my first ultra, the 2015 Quicksilver 50k. Now I have two 100 miler buckles and will try for a third one this summer.

Ramiro Garcia


am a native of San Jose, going on 20 years of marriage, a daughter in her first year of college and a son in his sophomore year of high school. And I am a mortgage loan officer. I did not grow up running and only when I joined the Marine Corps did I run my first 3 miles.. Running at that time was a requirement and not a desire. Fast forward to the year 2000 when I got married, I was 45lbs heavier from strength training and occasionally ran 6 miles on weekends. It wasn't until a short 6 years ago did I run my first half marathon, road at that! I was awful! Ha! I thought, "I would never want to run a full marathon, it's going to take too long!" The next few years I found myself training on trails and had ran a number of trail half marathons. During this time I met a Marine Corps brother, Duke Hong. I didn't know it at that time but my life would never be the same. My latest running accomplishment was after three attempts did I finished a hundred mile race and only took 33 1/2 hours. I still have never signed up for a full marathon. I am grateful for this opportunity to give back to the running community where it has given so much to me. 

Keith Lubliner                      


Keith has been trail running at Quicksilver since about 2001, and got sucked into the ultra-world at Quicksilver in 2007 (by Jim, the patient zero/typhoid Mary of trail running). Somewhere around 2015 he joined the board to help perpetuate the trail running disease. Most weekends Keith can be found dodging wasps, poison oak and mountain lions in the hills around San Jose; during the week, supporting his running habit as a scientist and engineer in one of our many Silicon Valley technology companies.

Pierre Couteau                      

Director of Races

I grew up near Paris, France and work in tech. I jumped on the opportunity to be an expat in Silicon Valley for 2 years in 1996. Over a couple of decades later, after a green card and becoming US citizen, it looks like I am here to stay.

I was starting to become a couch potato so when I turned 40, my wife Christine (the athlete of the family who plays for the US Masters team, coaches, and umpires field hockey) registered me for the San Jose Rock'n Roll 1/2 marathon, my first run over 10 miles. I liked it and decided to run one marathon in my life, Big Sur. I liked it again and a friend told him about a guy who was running crazy distances. I met Jim Magill, joined the Quicksilver running club, and realized how much fun it was to run on trails. I joined the first Quicksilver ultra team, 6 runners strong at the time. My favorite distance was the 100 miler until I found out you could run longer. After a couple of 200 milers and discovering winter racing in Alaska, I finished the 350 mile journey from Anchorage to McGrath on the Iditarod trail in February 2019.

I offered to help Paul Fick with the Quicksilver race organization in 2010 (a 50M/50K/25K at the time), was Race Director from 2011 to 2013, and have been Co-RD since 2019. I also served as QRC president in 2018 and 2019.

Jim Yates                          

Trail Liaison

Jim has been running the trails of Quicksilver since the spring of 1978, finding solace in the miles of solitude and fire roads. He joined the Quicksilver Running Club in 2016 and has now embraced the role of Trail Liaison. He looks forward to spending time, and working along side other club members to maintain the 7 miles of the New Almaden Trail. Jim will be overseeing and signing off volunteer service hours.



Kristina Irvin                      

Western States 100 Liaison

Kristina grew up the child of a Yosemite big wall climber and international mountaineer. To keep up with her father she had to run on the trails as a child. She loved it so much that she continued it for fitness through college.

Kristina first heard about the Western States 100 mile run in the late 1970s because her high school teacher ran it. She announced she would run that race someday because it sounded great that you didn’t have to carry a pack and wear boots.

Going to school to become a chiropractor delayed her running dreams. After she graduated she met up with runners from the Quicksilver Running Club that had done ultra distances. She ran her first ultra marathon in 1989 and her first 100 mile run in 1992, which was Western States. It’s nothing short of a miracle that 29 years later she can still run without any major degenerative injuries. Definitely not the runner she used to be but still enjoys the trails and longer distances.

As a way to give back to ultra running community she became the aid station coordinator for the Quicksilver races. And to give back to the Western States 100 Run she became the captain of the Duncan Canyon aid station.


Ultra Running Team Captain

If  you are interested in being the QRC Race Team Captain, then please send us a message! You can find more info about the race team here.

Laura Braun

Member at Large

Laura is one of the youth coaches for Quicksilver. She was convinced by Marc Klemencic to become an assistant coach after coming out several times and running with her kids during the youth club practices. As a result she fell in love with trail running. Laura is not an ultra distance runner but you will find her in some local races running anything 1/2 marathon and under. Otherwise you will usually find her sweeping the youth team on a Saturday morning, cheering on one of her own kids at a race, or helping out with the 100K/50K barbecue.

Pat Patterson               

Member at Large

Pat has been running since his wife discovered the "Couch to 5K" app in January 2013 and persuaded him to give it a try. Running his first 5K race on St Patrick's Day 2013, at Vasona Lake Park, Pat was hooked by the medal and running shirt. Moving to Almaden in 2016, Pat's buddy/coach, Mike Kreaden, of the Stevens Creek Striders, told him to join QRC. Since then, Pat has been a usual suspect in the Sunday morning group runs and races. A 'middle of the pack crusher', Pat has raced every distance from 5K to 50 miles, and hopes to complete 100K at the Quicksilver Endurance Run in 2021. Pat's occupation is something to do with computers, and, when he isn't running, he enjoys spending time with his family, drinking beer, and referring to himself in the third person.

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